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Identity Protection from CPP provides support, expertise and insurance cover to help you combat and recover from identity theft and identity fraud.

Card Protection is a comprehensive service for use in the event of card loss, theft and related fraud.

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Card Protection provides 24/7 assistance to request cancellation and replacement of your lost or stolen cards. It also provides a level of insurance cover if you lose more than your cards, which includes lock and key replacement.

We understand that, without your cards, keys and access to your money, things can come to a standstill.  Card Protection will help you get back on track.

Your Card Protection features

Card Loss Reporting

Card Loss Reporting

Report your lost or stolen cards with a free call to our helpline from anywhere in the world; our lines are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’ll request cancellation of your cards and order replacements to your home address. You can register card details with us to facilitate the provision of this cancellation and replacement service. There may be card issuers who won’t let us cancel cards on your behalf. In these situations, we’ll do everything we can to help.   


Help To Replace Locks & Keys

Help to Replace Locks & Keys

If your keys for your home or vehicle are lost or stolen, we can arrange for a locksmith to replace the locks that need to be changed and to replace up to three keys for each lock that has been replaced. If we’re unable to provide a locksmith, we will authorise you to arrange your own VAT registered locksmith. If locks to your home do not need to be changed we will pay up to the agreed amount per incident for up to three new keys to be cut for an existing lock.


Protective Registration

Protective Registration

If you lose identifying documents with your cards, you can opt for us to register you for 2 years with the Cifas National Fraud Database to protect your identity from future misuse.  This will ensure that lenders and service providers who are Cifas members will take this into account before granting credit against future products and services in your name. Cifas is a not-for-profit fraud prevention membership organisation and are the UK’s leading fraud prevention service.


Help To Retrieve Lost Keys

Help to Retrieve Lost Keys

We will provide you with Identification Labels to tag or mark your personal items, so that if they go missing and someone finds them, we can let you know where they are.


Passport And Driving Licence Assistance

Passport & Driving Licence Assistance

If your passport is lost or stolen while you are away from home, we will help you to arrange for a replacement by providing you with details of the nearest Embassy if you are abroad, and with your passport details if these have been registered with us.

If your driving licence is lost or stolen while you are away from home, we will help you to arrange for a replacement by providing you with your driving licence details if these have been registered with us.


Emergency Cash Advance

Emergency Cash Advance

If your cards are lost or stolen and you’re away from home, we can advance you funds via money transfer, for your living expenses and transportation costs. You can continue to enjoy your trip while we and then pay us back within 28 days of the advance.


Replacement Cash Cover

Replacement Cash Cover

If you lose money abroad at the same time as your cards are lost or stolen, we can reimburse you up to your policy limit once you return to the UK.


Please see your policy documents for your full product benefits, cover limits, conditions and exclusions and take note of your Insurance Product Information Document.  These documents are provided at your renewal are available on request.

Please note this product is not currently on sale and is only available to CPP Card Protection policyholders in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Jersey or the Falkland Islands.

Card Protection Plan Limited (registered in England, number 1490503) registered address: 6 East Parade, Leeds, LS1 2AD, United Kingdom. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, number 311489. CPP is a registered trademark of CPP Holdings Limited. Your insurance policy is provided by Card Protection Plan Limited acting as agent of the insurer, Chubb European Group SE.